Samagra Shiksha, Maharashtra
      The Government of India Mission (Secondary Education)



         For implementation of vocational education under the CSS, the state of Maharashtra published a GR dated August 22nd2014 laying out the institutional arrangement and roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders. RMSA (Maharashtra) has collaborated with Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) under the Skill Development Department.

       An NSQF cell is proposed to be established at State board. The state board will be responsible to conduct the assessment jointly with respective sector skill councils.

       The state has implemented the scheme in 506 schools in the State MoU with NSDC, which will further help with the implantation of the project in terms of implementing partners and quality control.

       10 schools are sanctioned by GoI   in financial year 2017-18.

  Sr. No Sanctioned Year Total Schools Total Functional Schools Total Non-Functional Schools  
  1 2014-15 331 331 0  
  2 2016-17 153 153 0  
  3 2017-18 09 09 0  
  4 2018-19 87 49 38  
  5 2019-20 64 26 38  
  Total 644 568 76